Network Overview 

que-X is a satellite access solution based on the world-leading iDirect Evolution technology, offering adaptive modulation and maximum signal reliability. The que-X solutions are specifically developed for business broadband access as well as seamless integration to corporate data MPLS networks.

Supported by a 24/7 core monitoring service and firm SLA compliance for remote site services support, as well as defined quality-of-service access profiles, que-X is the optimum in business satellite access solutions.

Service Coverage  

Satellite access networks such as que-X use telecommunication satellites that are located at geo-stationary locations (relative fixed locations with respect to Earth) and at about 35,000 km above Earth. From this location the satellite can beam the signal over very large areas for communication throughout countries and even across continents. The Q-KON que-X service was specifically designed to service sub-Saharan Africa using small 1,2m antenna user terminals. 


For que-X customers, this ensures that communication coverage is seamless throughout this region and “anytime anywhere” services are a trusted reality. This supports fixed and mobile terminals for business, broadband and industrial applications.

Service Profile Options  

Q-KON understands the need to match technology advantages with business requirements and we have developed a number of service profiles and commercial terms to minimise total cost of ownership and balance business case requirements. These include:

Fixed term

contracts for long-term supply of bulk capacity to off-grid locations such as industrial plants and mining operation

Usage based bundle

for on-demand control and monitoring applications and also to enable APN networks using satellite as a last-mile solution


options are available for satellite circuits deployed as back-up to terrestrials networks and other occasional use operation


equipment and service bundles to provide temporary access using our mobile satellite trailers to service sport events, music festivals, remote conferences, etc