Why business needs satellite services


Satellite access services are not a replacement for ADSL or fibre services. It is a different communication medium with specific benefits for business not offered by any other communications medium. In principle, satellite is a point-to-multipoint broadcast two-way technology which has very different advantages to point-to-point fibre circuits, for example:


Recent advances in satellite technology have continued to lower the cost points from equipment and services while increasing performance and capabilities. In particular, the reasons why business needs satellite are:


"Off-grid” access

Satellite networks operate with 99,95% reliability, are not dependent on any fixed infrastructure on the communication routes and all equipment locations are fully secured and protected.

Satellite networks provide always-on, anywhere services and are the ideal solution to connect location or business operation that is “off-grid” and not within reach of the mobile of fixed telecommunication networks. 

Back-up service

Lowest cost option

With the option to offer “pay-per-use” cost models, satellite circuits provide very cost effective back-up services for remote branch locations or industrial plant operations.

For packet data networks such as ATMs, point-of-sale and industrial telemetry applications, it presents the lowest cost option for a telecommunication network, supported by quantified SLA and support agreements.